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AllClean UV-C: Setting the Standard for Headphone Care.


We know bacteria and viruses are transmitted by contact.

We also know the value of hand-washing to stop the spread of bacteria and viruses from one person to the next. The same is true with headphones because they’re routinely placed on different individual’s heads without sanitization between uses.

AllClean UV-C, open w/headphones

Let AllClean UV-C Keep Your Working Environment Sanitized.

A number of studies have shown that organisms such as pseudomonas, staphylococcus, and strep – not to mention some of the more dangerous viruses – can exist on headphones if they’re not sanitized between uses. Therefore, headphone sanitizing is extremely important for good hygiene and to reduce the spread of disease.


High-intensity UV-C Lamp

  • Germicidal lamp kills 99.8% of bacteria, germs, and viruses.
  • Does not damage electronics.
  • Long life expectancy – easy to replace.

*Kills 99.8% of bacteria, germs, and viruses, specifically: MS2 Bacteriophage, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Human Coronavirus 229E

Automatic Shut-off

  • Automatically shuts off when the cycle ends.
  • Countdown timer display on front.
  • UV-C lamp shuts off if door is opened during the cycle.

Capacitive Touch Switch

  • Easy power on and off.
  • Same technology as used for mobile phone touchscreens.
  • Solid-state switch eliminates common mechanical failures (wear out and contamination).

Indicator Light

  • Blue = sanitization cycle in progress
  • White = powered on, in standby mode

Two Models Available

  • One designed for permanent wall-mounting.
  • One designed for portability, includes carrying handle and stabilization feet.
  • Outer Dimensions:
    Portable –
    14.875″ L x 15.75″ H x 5.875″ W
    Wall Mount –
    14.875″ L x 15.25″ H x 5.875″ W
  • Inner Dimensions:
    13.75″ L x 11.5″ H x 4.625″ W

One Year Warranty


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