AllClean UV-C Optical Wall Open

Permanent Wall-Mount Model

  1. AllClean UV-C should be mounted on the wall so it does not interfere with the patient. Mounting should also allow for the door to open easily. Two keyholes are located in the back of the sanitizing chamber for easy mounting on the wall.
  2. Utilize the correct mounting hardware for the wall surface on which you will mount this model.
  3. Once the unit is mounted, plug the power cord into the side of the AllClean UV-C.
  4. The 24V power supply needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet.
AllClean UV-C Optical Portable Open

Portable Model

  1. No mounting is necessary. Fully open the adjustable feet and place on a tabletop. This model includes a power supply with a cord long enough to reach most electrical outlets.
  2. Plug the power connector into the side of the AllClean UV-C.
  1. Once the AllClean UV-C is in place, open the cabinet door.
  2. Place the eyeglasses on the available shelves.
  3. Close the door and press the power button.
  4. You will immediately notice a light on the cabinet front indicating the UV-C lamp is on.
  5. AllClean UV-C will run for 3 minutes and automatically shut off when the cycle is complete.
  1. If the lamp indication light does not turn on, check to see if the contact points are correct. If they are correct, it may be time to change the lamp. This lamp may be replaced by removing the cage and installing a lamp into the correct sockets. Remember, this is a special lamp and must be purchased from the manufacturer. To purchase a replacement lamp, call us 1-800-327-8547.

CAUTION: Never look directly at the UV-C lamp when it is on. This can cause severe eye damage.

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